Friday, May 15, 2015

Crochet Tablemats

l am on a roll and have ventured more into the realms of Crochet, thanks to a good friend over at the Patchwork Heart!
l saw she was making tablemats and selling them, so l thought why not have a go and did one for a friend in America for 4th of July celebrations for her table and a few more to use as plant pot savers on windowsils etc
l am selling them for £6.50  plus P&P,

each and you can contact me if you would like any for yourself!
l can do them for you in any colour and any variation of colour....Pop me a message over on my FB page and l will get back to you

Baby Reborn

Crochet Newborn sets in plain colours with lace and ribbon or variagated colours as shown.
Variagated sets - £7.50
Plain one colour sets - £5.75