Saturday, August 30, 2014

Brooches and Bracelets

 Crocheted Brooches and Bracelets l am making for a Christmas Fair. l go to a knitting group on a wednesday in an elderly peoples home and we crochet and knit and sometimes sew, with the residents and as of the community
Below are some of the bracelets and brooches that have been done.

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Bridget the Elephant

My first venture into the world of crocheted toys is an Elephant by Kerry Lord from her book "Edwards Menagerie"
The Elephants name is Bridget as all of the animals in the book have names

Monday, August 18, 2014

Stocking fillers for little ones

We mustn't forget the little ones at Christmas, they like handmade items as well. think l will be making a few of these, to use in the bath or even for the shower...
Might even do some for the adults as well, to wash away there cares....
The link for the mits is Happyness is crafty

Or even these reusable face scrubbies for my daughter....Here is the link for these patterns:
Dabbles and Babbles

Christmas Gifts

Time of year is upon us when stocking fillers and hand made gifts have to be started for christmas or for the local fairs on at schools
This is one of the things l will be making for family....Adding stuff in a hamper basket as a present
The link to the blog to get the pattern from is LookWhat l have made

Monday, August 4, 2014


A friend was after a warmer for her tortoise and l was asked to make one, from a picture she had seen. Any challange in a storm me!
It didn't prove too difficult and here is the finished item being worn by the tortoise

August News

It is August and we have had some lovely weather last month, lets hope it continues into this month.
Had a lovely break in Anglesey and even thought about buying a property and moving there.
This is where we stayed for our lovely break and managed to get some crocheting and cross stitch done whilst there.
l am now in the process of deciding what to make to give as Christmas presents as home made went down well last year.....scarves, hats, ear warmers, and well as the famous beanies for my gradsons