Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bow Brooches

These can be done in an assortment of colours with either buttons, beads or plain embellishments.

Double knitting bows are £2.00 plus P&P
Chunky/Aran bows are £3.00 plus P&P

Owl Headwarmer

Children's Owl Headwarmer.

Up to 3 years - £ 3.50 plus P&P
Over 3 years £4.50 plus P&P

Flower Brooches

Flower Brooches in chunky wool
These can also be done in Double knitting wool, but will be smaller and also in any variation of colour.

Double Knitting - £3.00 plus P&P
Chunky/Aran    - £3.75 plus P&P

Head Warmers

Head and Ear Warmers
Can be done in any colour variation and with either a Flower or Butterfly embellishment.
Childrens:- Up to 2 years - £3.25 plus P&P
                  From 3 - 7 years - £4.25 plus P&P

Adults:- £5.25 plus P&P