Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas Headbands

Crocheted flower Headbands for sale:
Kids - £2.00 for DK......£2.75 for Aran or Chunky wool
Crochet Butterfly Headbands for sale:
Kids - £2.50 for DK.....£3.00 for Aran or Chunky wool

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bow Brooches

These can be done in an assortment of colours with either buttons, beads or plain embellishments.

Double knitting bows are £2.00 plus P&P
Chunky/Aran bows are £3.00 plus P&P

Owl Headwarmer

Children's Owl Headwarmer.

Up to 3 years - £ 3.50 plus P&P
Over 3 years £4.50 plus P&P

Flower Brooches

Flower Brooches in chunky wool
These can also be done in Double knitting wool, but will be smaller and also in any variation of colour.

Double Knitting - £3.00 plus P&P
Chunky/Aran    - £3.75 plus P&P

Head Warmers

Head and Ear Warmers
Can be done in any colour variation and with either a Flower or Butterfly embellishment.
Childrens:- Up to 2 years - £3.25 plus P&P
                  From 3 - 7 years - £4.25 plus P&P

Adults:- £5.25 plus P&P

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crochet Coasters

Crochet Coaster done in any colour and most sizes

10cm size is £0.60 or 6 for £2.50
11cm size is £0.70 or 6 for £3.00
12cm size is £0.80 or 6 for £3.50

Crochet Butterfly Brooches

Crochet Butterfly Brooches in Double Knitting Wool, they can also be done larger in Chunky or Aran Wool
They can have either crocheted antennae or beaded ones.

They can be done in any colour and are £3.25 plus P&P for double knitting and £4.00 for chunky or aran wool

Crochet Handbag Charms

Crochet Handbag Charms - either flowers or Butterflies

£2.75 plus P&P

Crochet Headbands

Crocheted Headbands with either flowers or butterfly attachments.
Childrens - £2.00 plus postage
Adults - £2.75 plus postage

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crochet Bags

Medium Cream Crochet Handbag with Flower Brooch attached in chunky wool £5.75 

Large Grey Handbag with Butterfly attachment in chunky wool £7.25

Medium Lime green crochet bag with flower brooch in chunky wool £5.75